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June 2017 - Adding Ascents

Adding ascents to your scorecard

It's now possible to add new ascents using the beta site! Here's an overview of the new features introduced in the last months.

Adding Ascents at the Crag

Quickly add your ascents by tapping the 'Plus' icon on your phone or tablet and select how you climbed the route or boulder. The ascent will be added without any comments or rating. Tap 'Edit Ascent' in the notification if you want to add more details.

Add ascent on mobile demo

You can also edit the ascent via your scorecard. You'll see the 'Edit' and 'Share' icons if you rotate your phone 😉.

Edit ascent button

Adding Ascents at Home

On your desktop or laptop you'll get a full form when you add a new ascent!

Add ascent on desktop demo

Can't find the route you're looking for? Scroll all the way down the search list and click the ADD A NEW ASCENT button!


All ascents now have their own unique URL which makes sharing your achievement on social media a lot easier. Here's an example. Click on the 'Share' button to go to the ascent page.

Share ascent button

And finally... Icons!

Did you spot the 'Routes' and 'Boulders' icons yet?

New Routes and Boulders Icons

La - Skwama Otaki
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