La - Skwama Otaki

Sachi Amma thinks Leonidio will become a future destination


- The hospitality and scenery are one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Coming alone from Japan and driving along side the coast and just meet so nice people, have touched by heart.

The climbing is really nice and the rock quality is high. All the four sectors I have tried have been unique in different ways with aesthetic lines. I think Leonidio has a great potential to be a big climbing destination.

Sachi Amma was invited to be a part of the first Leonidio Climbing Festival and to make a short presentation and answer questions. Within minutes, the audience understands that this is really down to earth guy answering in a very personal way, which makes people laugh.

- I want to know the secret of the people living in Leonidio. In Japan people do not show so much hospitality. I want to know the secret from this trip.
- Do you want us to set up a meeting with a local girl? (The major is asking).
- That would be nice since I do not have a girlfriend.

- Do you think I could also climb 9a if I started to scream?
- That is a nice one :) Which grade do you climb now? You know when I was young my idols were Chris and Adam and they scream a lot so I also started screaming but I think you can get the same animal power just by breathing intensively.

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