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November 2016 - Crags Search

Crag and ticklist search

It's now possible to search through all crags and sectors as well as filter routes and boulders. You can access the search tool right from the top menu, as shown in this demo. The search is quite fast. It's not possible to see the differences between route and boulder crags at the moment, we still need some kind of icons for that. Any ideas?

Main search demo

Clicking on a crag or sector will show you an overview page of it. It does not contain a lot of info yet, but that will come with time. The most important thing is it shows all the routes or boulder problems for that area and it features a filter which you can use to filter on a specific sector or grade:

Crag search filter

Various Grading Systems

It's still an experimental feature, but we're going to add support for different grading systems. You can already try the American system by changing the preference on your profile page. More grading systems will be added as well!

Various grading systems

Boreal Mutant

July 2016 - News & Nearby Crags


We've added the first news pages to the beta as well. This makes reading the news a lot easier, especially on mobile. It's also easier to share and link to a specific news story because every item has its own page. You can add comments to the news, but they are only visible on the beta site.

Nearby crags

On holidays but not sure where to climb? You'll always find a climbing destination with the new Nearby Crags page. It will also give you driving directions if you like!

Nearby crag search

5.10 Gambit

May 2016 - Thank you!

Thank you all for your feedback on the initial release of the beta site. We're very happy with all the comments we receive from the beta testers! We took some time to incorporate your ideas before we shift our focus to implementing the search tool and adding ascents. Most of the feedback we received could be categorised into these parts

“Can we get the pyramid graph back?”

All right, all right..., the pyramid graph is back ;)

Bar Chart

“The new scorecard doesn’t offer a nice overview”

We’ve improved this by adding the last five ascents climbed by a user to the first section of the scorecard. This way, visitors can get a quick indication of what the climber has been up to lately. Secondly, we’ve added a mini version of the bar chart to this section. Although the chart is not showing any numbers it’s clear right away if a user climbed a lot in the selected period or not. Finally, we’ve changed the order of the scorecard sections. We've put the big table with all the details of the user’s ascents, the line chart and the bar chart. This way users get to see the line chart before diving into the ascent details.

Scorecard example

“Everything is too big and clunky”

Is it really too big or is the annoyance caused by the previous remark about the lack of good overview? We think it is a bit of both. In addition to the points mentioned above, we decreased the size of the menu, some buttons and the headers of the sections. We hope it helps a bit. Please let us know what you think! Please let us know what you think!

Boreal Mutant

April 2016 - Initial Beta release

As you can see, this page is still under construction

While 8a saw many small updates over the last years, it has been quite a while since the last big change. That's why we're thrilled to show you this beta site and the progress we've made over the last couple of months.

Bear with us if your scorecard is loading a bit slow, we still have to optimize a lot of things.

Currently the site includes only the scorecard but we'll expand it over the next months.

Current features:

  • Full responsive new design
    • Designed for all devices ranging from mobile phones to desktop computers
  • New scorecard layout
  • New trend graph
    • Stacked linegraph showing different types of ascents
    • It's now possible to switch between points and number of ascents
  • Less page refreshes when using the scorecard
  • Less advertisements results and a more user-friendly experience

Next features on our development list:

  • Adding new ascents
  • Searching in crags and countries

Other todos:

  • Enable shared cookies between and this beta site
  • Create a dedicated 'Updates' page (especially for mobile)
  • Debug and fix performance issues in scorecards
  • Open discussion about 'recommending' routes
  • Show top 10 routes calculations
  • Sort routes by sector when sorted by crag
  • ...

Still got questions? Please check our F.A.Q

5.10 Gambit