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Frequently asked questions part 3

I can't find some of the routes in the ticklist

That's right, some crags, for example, Céüse is empty. This will be fixed :) Filtering routes of a specific sector is also not working properly.

I'm missing all the general crag information

Also right, we'll add that later. 

Where can I change the grading system to the American system (e.g. 5.10a)

On your profile,

Frequently asked questions part 2

Where can I find crags based in my location?

On our Nearby Crags page, you can find it through the search.

Why can't I see the comments on the news

At this moment it's not possible to view the comments placed on, you can add new comments but they'll show up only on the beta site.

Frequently asked questions part 1

Did the rules of the ranking game change?

No, they’re staying exactly the same.

Will all my ascents be transfered? and beta.8a.nushare the same database, which means you’ll have all your previous ascents in the scorecard :).

Can I still use

Sure, won't be gone anytime soon.

Why don't I see my changes from in my scorecard?

Currently there's a 1 hour delay between This will be removed in the future.

Where can I send you my feedback?

Please send your feedback to Tieme.

When will the development be finished?

We can’t tell the exact date but it won’t happen anytime soon. Please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to get updates.

Why do I have to login again for the beta site?

We do know it’s quite frustrating. Please be patient. We're working on it.

Why is the scorecard loading so slow ?

We haven't optimized a lot of things yet, please bear with us for a while...

Can I get an email when you release new features?

Still got questions? Or wanna help?

You can always send us an email.