La - Skwama Otaki
Alex Puccio (f)
 Boulder, USA
12 Month Score110501(129)1(469)
All Time Score111502(538)2(1947)
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8A+Redpoint13/1213/12/2017Hueco Tanks - Dark Room
8A+Redpoint03/1203/12/2017Hueco Tanks - Brown smurf
8A+Redpoint30/1130/11/2017Hueco Tanks - Le Retour de Goupil
8ARedpoint26/1126/11/2017Farley - Mr. Tricksta
7CFlash26/1126/11/2017Farley - Brick Bop
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the past 12 months | 44 ascents
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La - Skwama Otaki


the past 12 months | 44 ascents
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8B+Redpoint04/09/20171150 Magic Wood - New Baseline 1150
So psyched! Awesome boulder!!!  
8BRedpoint21/02/20171100 Hueco Tanks - Luther 1100
A bit more of a battle then I thought it was going to be. Would be an amazing climb if the beginning was higher off the ground, but the Chablanke wall is SO beautiful! Bigger power moves into an awesome climb! Skin is getting tougher for the real proj!!! :)  
8BRedpoint15/04/20171100 Leavenworth - The Tea Cup 1100
Wow.... had an AMAZING first day EVER in Leavenworth! This place is BEAUTIFUL!! This line took me a couple hours or less. Sent Coffee Cup, Abstraction, The Practitioner and the Tea Cup all on my first day here, psyched for the rest of the trip!!!  
8BRedpoint01/06/20171100 Wild Basin - Dead Meadow 1100
Was suppose to be a rest day and went out to spot joel. He got me all psyched to try it and surprised myself with a send. First day on it as well. Psyched! :) Now time for Vail WC!!!  
8BRedpoint16/06/20171100 RMNP - Bear Toss Soft1100
Psyched... first day after turning 28 and had a short power gym sesh and then went out and sent Bear Toss! All after stuffing my face with cake and drinking lots of wine and then waking up at 5am!  
8BRedpoint28/06/20171100 Mt Evans / Lincoln lake - Evil Backwards 1100
Have wanted to check this boulder out for a bit now. Psyched i was able to send it in one session! Deff. harder the shorter you are.... big moves with really far feet for the crux! Had to try hard!  
8BRedpoint16/07/20171100 RMNP - The shining 1100
Wow, psyched! First day ever at this boulder!!! 90% of the holds were VERY damp and some were actually fully wet! Took about 2 hours of work. Would be a lot nicer to climb without a lake under the start. 2 really cool boulders!!!  
8BRedpoint19/09/20171100 Magic Wood - Riverbed 1100
Psyched! second day on it. Also got to watch Joel smash the boulder first try today! This place is so beautiful, psyched for more boulders in the forest!!! :)  
8BRedpoint22/09/20171100 Magic Wood - One summer in paradise 1100
Felt as hard for me as Riverbed. Really nice crimps... except I REALLY dislike the end of this boulder! Fell off the last moves once today and then did it second attempt of the day. Second day trying it.  
8BRedpoint24/09/20171100 Magic Wood - Wovenhand Soft1100
Actually the climbing is way cooler than I thought it was going to be. First day on it and now need to finish off the sit. :)  
8A+Redpoint27/02/20171050 Hueco Tanks - Pull the Plug 1050
Unique climbing on this one. Tried on one of our last days last trip and finished it off first day this trip. My tip is still healing so i'm psyched I was able to do this one with a taped up finger. :)  
8A+Redpoint16/05/20171050 RMNP - Position of power Soft1050
Fun power endurance boulder. Got a bit pumped at the end.  
8A+Redpoint12/06/20171050 RMNP - Super kind traverse Soft1050
Suppose to be a rest day again. Really sore from the WC on Saturday but went to show friends around and thought why not. It's a bit of a silly boulder but at least it's real rock!!!  
8A+Redpoint03/07/20171050 RMNP - Freshly squeezed Hard1050
What a nice line!!! I tried it the other day for the first time. Was too hot and couldn't send. Went back today with better temps and sent first try from the start!  
8A+Redpoint08/07/20171050 Mt Evans - No more greener grasses Hard1050
What a day! Nina convinces me to wake up at 7am to do a early session at Mt. Evans, thought she was crazy, but it worked out! Maybe she was right today...  
8A+Redpoint20/09/20171050 Magic Wood - Pura Vida 1050
Way to cold for me to climb, was a little miserable. lol After doing this one I fell off the ending of One Summer. Also split my middle finger tip before sending. Psyched for a rest day tomorrow! :)  
8A+Redpoint30/11/20171050 Hueco Tanks - Le Retour de Goupil 1050
Psyched, getting my strength and fitness up for the project! Took about and hour or so of work. First time trying it and surprised it came together so quick.  
8A+Redpoint03/12/20171050 Hueco Tanks - Brown smurf Hard1050
Another fitness boulder. Skin will be god for the project soon. Right Martini into the end REALLY small holds of Esperanza. Just as fun as right Martini. slightly harder moves at the end then Right Martini, but shorter.  
8A+Redpoint13/12/20171050 Hueco Tanks - Dark Room Soft1050
Great consolation prize for the day, but seriously this is a good climb!!! First time ever trying it. I leave tomorrow for a comp and then back at it on Monday!!!  
8ARedpoint22/02/20171000 Hueco Tanks - Rumble in the jungle 1000
2 8A's today! And I didn't use a single kneebar on this boulder! :) I tried both of these boulders many year ago psyched to have returned back to them today!  
8ARedpoint22/02/20171000 Hueco Tanks - The Flame Soft1000
Fun movement, but as we all say that it sucks that the rock is so close to the side.  
8ARedpoint26/02/20171000 Hueco Tanks - Anal Intruder #10 1000
Needed to find climbs I could still do with a tapped finger tip until my split heals and then back to the project!!! :)  
8ARedpoint04/03/20171000 Hueco Tanks - Ayanami Rei Hard1000
Almoast flashed, but then took a bit for the heel to not slip at the top. Peace out Hueco... You have taken a lot from me this time, 3 splits and a nasty virus, but I will be back with vengeance!!! :)  
8ARedpoint04/03/20171000 Hueco Tanks - Escape Velocity 1000
Climbs a lot better then it looks! Did to V11's today that i have never tried before. :)  
8ARedpoint03/04/20171000 Joes Valley - Pagan Poetry 1000
Fun Boulder.  
8ARedpoint15/04/20171000 Leavenworth - The Practitioner 1000
About 5 tries. First boulder in th forest! Amazing first day ever in Leavenworth!!!  
8ARedpoint16/04/20171002 Leavenworth - Monarch Second Go, Soft1002
Another good day in the woods. Should have been a rest day since my skin and body felt recked, but apparently the rain is coming tonight so forced rest day tomorrow! This place is amazing!!! :)  
8ARedpoint28/06/20171000 Mt Evans / Lincoln lake - Honey Badger 1000
Fun boulder at the end of the day. Moves were harder than they looked!  
8ARedpoint09/07/20171000 RMNP - Reternia Hard1000
3 V11's today!!!  
8ARedpoint09/07/20171000 RMNP - Eternia 1000
Can't believe I have never seen this boulder before!  
8ARedpoint09/07/20171000 RMNP - Dead Racoon Hard1000
Cool line!  
8ARedpoint06/09/20171000 Magic Wood - Sofa surfer 1000
Not too bad.  
8ARedpoint06/09/20171000 Magic Wood - Foxy lady Hard1000
Not my style! Lol  
8ARedpoint26/11/20171000 Farley - Mr. Tricksta Soft1000
really close to flashing, took somewhere in between 4-6 tries. climbs better than expected.  
7C+Redpoint15/04/2017950 Leavenworth - Abstraction 950
About 4 tries.  
7C+Redpoint16/04/2017950 Leavenworth - Hypertrophy 950
Fun climb, the skin hurt real bad today!  
7C+Flash16/07/20171003 RMNP - Roundhouse Soft1003
One of the best!!!  
7CRedpoint21/02/2017900 Hueco Tanks - Glass Roof 900
Little power boulder.  
7CFlash16/02/2017953 Hueco Tanks - Funk mo extension 953
Nice little roof boulder.  
7CFlash15/04/2017953 Leavenworth - The Coffee Cup 953
Nice boulder! :)  
7CFlash16/05/2017953 RMNP - Aspen Grove 953
A really nice boulder!!!  
7CFlash16/05/2017953 RMNP - Aspen Grove 953
A really nice boulder!!!  
7CFlash26/11/2017953 Farley - Brick Bop Soft953
Nice little arete!  
7B+Flash16/04/2017903 Leavenworth - Bananas 903
Fun few mover boulder. :)  
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