La - Skwama Otaki
Lulu Deubzer
 Munich, DEU
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8a+Redpoint10/0110/01/2018Schleier Wasserfall - white winds
8aRedpoint02/0102/01/2018Arco / Massone - Gameboy plus
7cRedpoint30/1230/12/2017Arco / Padaro - Himmels-reiter
8aRedpoint03/1103/11/2017Brüggler / Überhänge - Dr Bisser
8a+Redpoint06/0906/09/2017Céuse - La femme blanche
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the past 12 months | 8 ascents
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5.10 Anasazi


the past 12 months | 8 ascents
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8a+Redpoint10/01/20181050 Schleier Wasserfall - white winds 1050
Whuouuup! 6 years after trying it for the first time! This route has been witnessing all my ups and downs of the last years. Can not believe that I will get on a different project next time up there.  
8a+Redpoint27/08/20171050 Céuse - L'ami caouette 1050
Elated. This one went down way faster than I expected. Definately some progress in comparison to my visit 3 years ago! Having so much fun with the crew.  
8a+Redpoint06/09/20171050 Céuse - La femme blanche 1050
Proud. The time at the cliff has come to an end and it's so hard to leave when the vibes around are so good with everyone cheering and supporting each other.(note to myself: come back and do lilas, you have been surprisingly close)  
8a+Redpoint19/08/20171050 Tournoux - Beauté de chine 1050
Yeez. Pump gun goes, did it probably on my 6th go or so that day, totally smoked. so the last week of just trying to climb as much as possible may have paid out. I didn't expect to be climbing 8a+ again that soon after my 2months running break! The psyche is high for climbing and dirtbagging.  
8aRedpoint02/01/20181002 Arco / Massone - Gameboy plus Second Go, Soft1002
Unexpected. Probably have tried it years ago already, but apparently I didn't sent it back then. The 7b Part is hard af. Good end of a rather cold but great trip.  
8aRedpoint29/08/20171000 Céuse - Couleur du vent Hard1000
Woa, the crux move spit us of so many times. And so did the cheater stone tower. Surprisingly pumpy beginning for me. Team ascent with Mona! Even though I was a bit off at first because of burocracy problems with the university inscription.  
8aRedpoint03/11/20171000 Brüggler / Überhänge - Dr Bisser 1000
Fun day out + fast ascent.  
7cRedpoint30/12/2017900 Arco / Padaro - Himmels-reiter 900
1st and 2nd pitch. Great climb and first day of not climbing with numb fingers ;). Huge mental fight for me. Last route of the year in the last sun rays.  
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