La - Skwama Otaki
Katie Lambert (f)
 Yosemite, USA
12 Month Score866016(129)39(469)
All Time Score920038(538)78(1947)
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7C+Redpoint10/0110/01/2018Bishop / Happy Boulders - Redrum sit
7A+Redpoint10/0110/01/2018Bishop / Happy Boulders - Froz
7CRedpoint04/0104/01/2018Bishop / Get Carter - To Kill Ya Corner Sit
7BRedpoint26/1226/12/2017Bishop / Happy Boulders - Redrum stand
7A+Redpoint24/1224/12/2017Bishop / Happy Boulders - Rave
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the past 12 months | 19 ascents
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7C+Redpoint10/01/2018950 Bishop / Happy Boulders - Redrum sit 950
holy hell this was hard - not really any harder than the stand but the stand alone is hard. Left hand in the undercling, right hand pocket- good feet. Big move up with the right to the start of the stand. Swing feet through, toe in with rigjht in the pocket, flag left. Left hand pauses on a undecling crimp thing then continues to match above the right hand. Foot swap, smear right on low jib and knee scum. Shuffle the hands so right hand high on pinch and left low. knee bar with upper jib and in between both hands. pinch out left, smear left foot, release knee bar, step through to good high foot and match the pinch, then underclings and the top. At least that was my 5' beta.  
7CRedpoint24/02/2017900 Bishop / Sad Boulders - Slunk 900
This was hard for me. My 19 move, techy as hell beta finally worked out. It was suppose to be a rest day....  
7CRedpoint29/11/2017900 Yosemite / Camp 4 - Honor Among Thieves 900
7CRedpoint17/12/2017900 Bishop / Buttermilks - Soul Slinger 900
It was good conditions up there and Tots beta for the left undercling was the ticket.  
7CRedpoint04/01/2018900 Bishop / Get Carter - To Kill Ya Corner Sit 900
Actually pretty cool, a lot of climbing, interesting movement and you get to epic on the V3 top out  
7B+Redpoint09/05/2017852 Bishop / Buttermilks - Gleaming the cube Second Go, Soft852
Went out early to try my project but it was humid and weird conditions on it. Opted for this as a consolation prize. High heel seems obvious to me.  
7B+Redpoint22/12/2017850 Bishop / Get Carter - Adam Cocaine 850
Actually pretty good  
7BRedpoint28/07/2017802 Hammaren / Presten Boulders - Presten Roof Second Go802
Awesome! Great texture- endurance  
7BRedpoint07/12/2017800 Bishop / Buttermilks - Junior's Achievement 800
Repeat from many moons ago. First try at the end of the day- heinous and cold is my overwhleming thought.  
7BRedpoint12/12/2017800 Bishop / Buttermilks - High Plains Drifter 800
OMG! After years of not being able to reach that damn sloper I had given up. Today, I decided to try again after not climbing on it for a couple of years. First go, didnt reach the sloper but felt like I should go right hand to it and match. And thats what I did and it finally went!  
7BRedpoint26/12/2017800 Bishop / Happy Boulders - Redrum stand 800
I find this hard but I like it.  
7A+Flash25/11/2017803 Yosemite / Cathedral - The King 803
7A+Flash25/11/2017803 Yosemite / Sentinels - Flake Out 803
7A+Redpoint16/11/2017750 Yosemite / camp 4 - The Font Problem 750
Rad problem!  
7A+Redpoint24/12/2017750 Bishop / Happy Boulders - Rave 750
7A+Redpoint24/12/2017750 Bishop / Happy Boulders - Crumpet at the Crag 750
Contrived but good  
7A+Redpoint10/01/2018750 Bishop / Happy Boulders - Froz Hard750
yay, that was fun and a little hard  
6C+Redpoint25/11/2017650 Yosemite / Cathedral - So good 650
Freaking rad and a bit hard  
6CRedpoint07/12/2017600 Bishop / Buttermilks - Shelter From the Storm 600
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