La - Skwama Otaki
Jennifer Wood
 Manchester, GBR
12 Month Score96843(14)96(1155)
All Time Score969414(103)326(3930)
last routes
7bOnsight12/0112/01/2018Fataga / Topatras - Quédate hasta el final
7c+Redpoint09/0109/01/2018Fataga / topatras - La ira
7cRedpoint09/0109/01/2018Fataga / Topatras - La Historia Interminable
7aOnsight09/0109/01/2018Fataga / topatras - Ojos de cristal
7a+Onsight28/1028/10/2017Kalymnos / Cave - Saroman
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the past 12 months | 35 ascents
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Boreal Mutant


the past 12 months | 35 ascents
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8aRedpoint16/07/20171000 Kalymnos / North Cape - Helios 1000
my first actual project. 4 sessions over 3 trips  
8aRedpoint27/10/20171002 Kalymnos / Gerakios - Zavara Katranemia Second Go1002
7c+Redpoint16/06/2017950 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Orion 950
7c+Redpoint15/07/2017950 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Boom Boom 950
amazing ! 5th go  
7c+Redpoint17/07/2017952 Kalymnos / Secret garden - Savina Second Go952
nice and short but powerful on quite slippy holds. Very cool anyway. 2nd go - much easier when clips in  
7c+Redpoint09/01/2018950 Fataga / topatras - La ira 950
3rd go. sustained and powerful. Should have put some effort into the flash  
7cRedpoint13/06/2017902 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Triton Second Go, Soft902
7cRedpoint14/06/2017900 Kalymnos / Arginonta valley - Lorreta Hard900
Found this so hard ! took many goes to work out all the right foot holds to use. Very comparable to orion 7c+ IMO  
7cRedpoint17/06/2017900 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Paris Texas Hard900
brutal crimps but loved the contrast in style from normal kalymnos  
7cRedpoint12/07/2017900 Kalymnos / Odyssey - My Name Is Nobody 900
cool tricky sequence but still a bit sharp  
7cRedpoint14/07/2017902 Kalymnos / Secret Garden - Kaly Diva Second Go902
so good!! lots of hard moves but lots of rests  
7cOnsight16/07/20171045 Kalymnos / North cape - Nirvana 1045
got on this as a 'warm up' for Helios coz the draws were already in. surprise onsight woop!  
7cRedpoint31/08/2017900 Arco / Massone - C'e Qualcuno che non sa 900
Very good stamina route. Needed the cooler evening connies tho  
7cRedpoint22/10/2017902 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Polifemo Second Go902
7cRedpoint24/10/2017902 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Scylla Second Go902
very nice, underrated route. only 1 real hard move but techy all the way  
7cRedpoint24/10/2017900 Kalymnos / Noufaro - Twist Hard900
relentless! moves are fine until you try and link them together  
7cRedpoint09/01/2018902 Fataga / Topatras - La Historia Interminable Second Go902
dropped last move on the onsight :( but cool techy climb  
7b+Redpoint14/07/2017852 Kalymnos / Secret garden - Route 69 Second Go852
7b+Redpoint15/07/2017852 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Inti Raymi Second Go852
7b+Redpoint28/08/2017850 Arco / Calvario - Sega elettrica 850
7b+Redpoint25/10/2017852 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Fourtouna Second Go852
7bOnsight16/06/2017945 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Meltemi 945
7bOnsight13/07/2017945 Kalymnos / The Beach - Elizabeth 945
hard to actually get on the route.  
7bRedpoint14/07/2017800 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Omiros-Dionysos 800
got lost on omiros so followed the newer looking bolts which were actually on dionysos. Not bad as an accidental link up except for including the nasty chain clipping of dionysos  
7bRedpoint18/07/2017800 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Omiros 800
managed to not get lost at the top this time. nice route with a tricky start  
7bOnsight31/08/2017945 Arco / Massone - Desiree 945
short and bouldery, big fight to onsight  
7bOnsight22/10/2017945 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Lucky Strike 945
7bRedpoint27/10/2017802 Kalymnos / Gerakios - Amra Second Go, Hard802
7bFlash27/10/2017853 Kalymnos / Gerakios - Ergo 853
7bOnsight12/01/2018945 Fataga / Topatras - Quédate hasta el final 945
7a+Onsight17/07/2017895 Kalymnos / Secret Garden - Baglamas 895
7a+Onsight28/10/2017895 Kalymnos / Cave - Saroman Hard895
first 3 clips felt well hard ! i was pretty tired tho  
7aOnsight13/06/2017845 Kalymnos / Arginonta Valley - Diagoras 845
7aRedpoint18/07/2017700 Kalymnos / Odyssey - Dionysos 700
7aOnsight09/01/2018845 Fataga / topatras - Ojos de cristal 845
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