La - Skwama Otaki
Luca Bana
 Premolo, ITA
12 Month Score119157(510)37(6915)
All Time Score1211022(1560)204(26039)
last routes
8bRedpoint13/0113/01/2018Malegno - Tre di picche
8b+Redpoint11/0111/01/2018Malegno - Joker
8c+Redpoint01/0101/01/2018Malegno - Golden shower
8a+Redpoint31/1231/12/2017Malegno - Tori da falesia
8bRedpoint20/1220/12/2017Falesia dei Ciclopi - Empatia
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the past 12 months | 36 ascents
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5.10 Anasazi


the past 12 months | 36 ascents
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8c+Redpoint01/01/20181280 Malegno - Golden shower First Ascent1280
Super cool route with hard powerful moves. Really not sure about the grade, maybe 8c/c+. Time will tell...Good start of the new year! :)  
8cRedpoint18/04/20171200 Verdon / Hulk - Heureux qui comme hulkisse 1200
Awesome pumpy line! One of the best routes here!  
8cRedpoint06/08/20171230 ?? - Armonia e Caos First Ascent1230
Complete route: Powerful, fingery and technical at the same time. Good fight!  
8cRedpoint25/11/20171200 Maple Canyon / Pipedream - Divine Fury 1200
Long pumpy route with big moves, Nice one!  
8b+Redpoint25/02/20171150 Predore / Aladino - Aladino sul Dromedario 1150
Intense bouldery section at the end, 3rd ascent?  
8b+Redpoint07/07/20171180 ?? - Under the storm First Ascent1180
Crazy line on super solid rock. Quality!  
8b+Redpoint01/09/20171150 Pian Bernardo - Minitraxion 1150
Impressive line with cool powerful moves! 3rd go...  
8b+Redpoint03/09/20171150 Pian bernardo / cengia - Full contact 1150
Another good route in PB! (unfortunately too much sika..)  
8b+Redpoint03/10/20171150 Paline - Born to fly Hard1150
8b+/c. Another super 40 meters line on this wall. 1st RP after Berni's FA. Toooop  
8b+Redpoint11/01/20181180 Malegno - Joker First Ascent1180
Logical link up that starts on "Due di picche", then very sustained sequence which goes right to take the second part of "Tre di bastoni"...pretty solid for the grade.  
8bRedpoint18/02/20171102 PREDORE / Aladino - Sogni di gloria Second Go1102
Good route! Nice sequence at the end.  
8bRedpoint01/04/20171100 Paline - La Cucaracha 1100
8bRedpoint01/07/20171100 ?? - Out of control 1100
2nd ascent, technical and fingery.  
8bRedpoint14/07/20171130 ?? - Prouette noire First Ascent1130
Super nice bouldery route!  
8bRedpoint10/09/20171130 Paline - Hallowind First Ascent1130
Nice link up with cool moves!  
8bRedpoint20/12/20171102 Falesia dei Ciclopi - Empatia Second Go1102
What a beautiful route!  
8bRedpoint13/01/20181130 Malegno - Tre di picche First Ascent1130
Another cool addiction.  
8a+Redpoint11/03/20171082 Nasolino - Super barba First Ascent, Second Go1082
Direct start of "il ritorno del barba". One of the best lines on this wall!  
8a+Redpoint25/03/20171050 Paline / Gemma - Gemma Hard1050
8a+/b. 2nd ascent of this amazing tricky line!  
8a+Redpoint01/04/20171080 Paline / Burro cacao - Scary movie First Ascent1080
Another 5 stars line added to this new little wall. Good job :)  
8a+Redpoint14/07/20171080 ?? - Arte oscura First Ascent1080
Amazing slabby crux on flat holds and poor feet. Incredible rock quality!  
8a+Redpoint07/11/20171050 Red Rocks / Secret 13 - Where is my mind Hard1050
8a+/b, nice intense moves!  
8a+Onsight12/11/20171195 Welcome springs / The Cathedral - Super Loaded 1195
Aesthetic route with cool moves!  
8a+Redpoint31/12/20171050 Malegno - Tori da falesia 1050
2nd ascent, another nice link up!  
8aRedpoint10/03/20171002 Valle dei Mulini / Paretone - The economist Second Go, Hard1002
Nice route to the left of the 2nd pitch of "Maiali nello spazio". 1st RP after Paolo Sala's F.A. Done with harder methods (no chalk marks at all)..but with the right beta it can be "only" 8a.  
8aRedpoint11/03/20171000 Nasolino / nasolino - Lola power Soft1000
8aFlash01/04/20171053 Paline - Tira e stira 1053
Very beautiful line! Quite solid for the grade. This is the correct name :)  
8aFlash15/07/20171083 ?? - Il marchio del condor First Ascent1083
Technical and fingery route with beautiful moves.  
7c+Flash24/03/20171033 Paline / Burro cacao - Lucilla First Ascent1033
Incredible rock quality..Super!  
7c+Redpoint07/07/2017950 ?? - Controvento 950
2nd ascent, nice short route. Powerful ;)  
7c+Redpoint14/07/2017950 ?? - Erdinger 950
2nd ascent, hard traverse at the beginning.  
7c+Onsight07/11/20171095 Red Rocks / Secret 13 - Ambushed 1095
Good one!  
7c+Onsight12/11/20171095 Welcome Springs / The Cathedral - Space Shuttle to Kolob 1095
7c+Flash16/11/20171003 Namaste wall - Twins paradox Soft1003
Super nice!..So easy for the grade..  
7cFlash18/03/2017953 Paline / Gemma - Diedro dei desideri 953
2nd ascent of this new beautiful route on incredible rock!  
7cOnsight11/11/20171045 Virgin river gorge / Blasphemy wall - Bogus pedophile charge 1045
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