La - Skwama Otaki
Jonathan Siegrist
 Las Vegas, USA
12 Month Score131501(753)3(6915)
All Time Score134401(3898)8(26039)
last routes
8b+Redpoint11/0111/01/2018X Cave - Artifact
8cRedpoint29/1129/11/2017Margalef - Los Ultimos Vampiros Hippies
8cRedpoint27/1127/11/2017Margalef - Pal Este
8cRedpoint26/1126/11/2017Siurana - Afrodita
8b+Redpoint18/1118/11/2017Siurana - Leche Caliente
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the past 12 months | 52 ascents
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La - Skwama Otaki


the past 12 months | 52 ascents
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9a+Redpoint11/04/20171350 Oliana - Pachamama Hard1350
A defining moment in my climbing. Very emotional, a huge step forward. Much harder than anything else I've done.  
9a+Redpoint19/04/20171350 Oliana - Jo Mama 1350
After undercling rest broke. Total hustle route. Awesome fight.  
9a+Redpoint25/04/20171350 Oliana - Chaxi 1350
Hard boulder problem, morpho. Super good.  
9aRedpoint23/02/20171300 Mt Potasi - Bachelor Party Hard1300
Second ascent. Respect to big Frank! no knee pads  
9aRedpoint02/06/20171300 Rodellar - Los Inconformistas Soft1300
Original beta  
9aRedpoint29/06/20171300 Rifle - Planet Garbage 1300
9aRedpoint01/07/20171300 Rifle - The Club Soft1300
Pumpy as a bastard, nice link up.  
9aRedpoint19/07/20171300 Wild Iris - Mutation 1300
Respect to BJ! Awesome hybrid route.  
9aRedpoint31/10/20171300 Siurana - La Reina Mora 1300
Incredible line. Resistant.  
9aRedpoint14/11/20171300 Siurana - 20 Años Después Hard1300
morpho, punchy!  
8c+Redpoint24/02/20171250 Mt Potasi - Annihilator Hard1250
no knee pads  
8c+Redpoint10/05/20171250 Figols - Espid Hard1250
RAD route.  
8c+Redpoint15/05/20171252 Figols - Radar Ez Second Go, Soft1252
So damn fun. Not to be missed!  
8c+Redpoint27/06/20171250 Rifle - Fat Camp Hard1250
Rifle curse claims yet another..  
8c+Redpoint08/09/20171250 Rifle - Kuru 1250
8c+Redpoint02/10/20171252 Poptire - Apex Predator Second Go, Soft1252
Could be 8c, super fun hustle route.  
8c+Redpoint03/10/20171250 Poptire - Old Man High Pants 1250
bastard move  
8c+Redpoint18/10/20171252 Poptire - Sodom and Gomorrah Second Go, Soft1252
Awkward roof huecos, fighting to the death! Super fun.  
8cRedpoint15/02/20171202 Mt Potasi - Reverse Polarity Second Go1202
Strength endurance! no knee pads  
8cRedpoint27/02/20171200 Mt Potasi - Atlantis Hard1200
These 90's routes... are hard.  
8cRedpoint01/05/20171202 Santa Linya - Rollito Sharma Extension Second Go1202
8cRedpoint08/05/20171200 Oliana - Identification y Placas Soft1200
8cRedpoint23/05/20171200 Rodellar - Welcome to Tijuana Hard1200
straight up beta, freaking hard!  
8cRedpoint07/06/20171200 Siurana - 2x30 Soft1200
8cRedpoint08/06/20171200 Rodellar - Pata Negra Hard1200
After a bunch of stuff broke. Awesome journey.  
8cRedpoint28/06/20171202 Rifle - Cucaracha Second Go1202
8cRedpoint04/07/20171200 Rifle - Nostalgie Hard1200
One of the best routes in Rifle.  
8cRedpoint07/09/20171200 Rifle - Lungfish Hard1200
A LOT of tries  
8cRedpoint11/10/20171202 Poptire - Drakken Second Go1202
8cRedpoint15/10/20171202 Poptire - 40 Feet of Grease Second Go1202
First panel is a stunner!  
8cRedpoint05/11/20171202 Siurana - Directa Jabali Second Go1202
8cRedpoint26/11/20171200 Siurana - Afrodita Hard1200
8cRedpoint27/11/20171202 Margalef - Pal Este Second Go, Hard1202
Amazing pocket resistance.  
8cRedpoint29/11/20171200 Margalef - Los Ultimos Vampiros Hippies 1200
8b+Redpoint14/02/20171150 Mt Potasi - Mixed Emotions Hard1150
no knee pads  
8b+Redpoint27/02/20171150 Mt Potasi - Pearls Before Swine 1150
no knee pads  
8b+Redpoint27/02/20171152 Mt Potasi - Papi Van Winkle Second Go1152
morpho, no knee pads  
8b+Redpoint08/05/20171152 Oliana - Paper Mullat Second Go1152
8b+Redpoint22/05/20171152 Rodellar - Geminis Second Go1152
8b+Onsight31/05/20171295 Rodellar - Ixeia 1295
8b+Onsight01/06/20171295 Rodellar - Botanics Soft1295
8b+Redpoint06/06/20171150 Siurana - Migranya Profunda 1150
8b+Redpoint13/06/20171150 Meio Mango - O Senhor das Anilhas 1150
Awesome route, even better setting!  
8b+Redpoint30/06/20171152 Rifle - Moment Musical Second Go1152
8b+Redpoint02/07/20171152 Rifle - Homunculus Second Go1152
8b+Redpoint03/07/20171152 Rifle - All the Pretty Horses Second Go1152
8b+Redpoint04/09/20171152 Rifle - Never Enough Second Go, Soft1152
8b+Redpoint05/09/20171152 Rifle - Colinator Second Go1152
8b+Flash19/10/20171203 Poptire - Terror Dome 1203
Leif with the bulletproof beta.  
8b+Redpoint18/11/20171152 Siurana - Leche Caliente Second Go, Hard1152