La - Skwama Otaki
Nina Williams (f)
 Boulder, USA
12 Month Score101533(129)3(469)
All Time Score105035(538)7(1947)
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7C+Flash13/0113/01/2018Flagstaff - Botslayer
8ARedpoint12/0112/01/2018Flagstaff - Super Botslayer
7A+Flash08/0108/01/2018Flagstaff - Cryptic Magician
8A+Redpoint18/1218/12/2017Hueco Tanks / North Mountain - Barefoot on Sacred Ground
7C+Redpoint16/1216/12/2017Hueco Tanks / East Mountain - Whispers Of Mortality
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the past 12 months | 52 ascents
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La - Skwama Otaki


the past 12 months | 52 ascents
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8A+Redpoint16/07/20171050 Mt Evans / Area A - No More Greener Grasses 1050
Pulled all the projecting tricks for this one. Tiger stripes, micro-beta, trying in various weather conditions. Turns out a little humidity is a good thing!  
8A+Redpoint23/11/20171050 Bishop / Bardini Boulders - A Maze of Death 1050
Turkey-day sending!! Had to figure out my own special beta. 3rd go, 3 days this season.  
8A+Redpoint18/12/20171050 Hueco Tanks / North Mountain - Barefoot on Sacred Ground Soft1050
Went the straight-up way, which felt physically easier but mentally harder than the See Spot way. Either way, it’s excellent climbing!  
8ARedpoint27/02/20171000 Bishop / Buttermilks - Ambrosia 1000
yeah pretty psyched.  
8ARedpoint26/06/20171000 Guanella Pass / Mind Matters - Mind Matters 1000
Three sessions, high-percentage beta. I really wanted this to be V12 but if I'm being honest with myself... it's not. Felt easier than Bambi which I still have yet to send. Props to Cesar with the clutch light setup!!  
8ARedpoint02/07/20171000 Mt Evans / Area A - Clear Blue Skies 1000
Yeah!!! Tiger-stripe finger ticks FTW!! Psyched to finally put this one down.  
8ARedpoint05/08/20171000 RMNP / Emerald Lake - The kind traverse 1000
I only hate this thing a little bit less now.  
8ARedpoint05/09/20171000 RMNP / Upper chaos - Eternia 1000
full moon tears.  
8ARedpoint11/12/20171000 Hueco Tanks / North mountain - Diaphanous Sea 1000
I tried this prob years ago on my first trip to Hueco and didn’t come even close. This time it went in a sesh!! Inspo-cred to Michaela for the sick flash!!  
8ARedpoint11/12/20171000 Hueco Tanks / North Mountain - Dark Age 1000
Needed some bbq sauce for those chicken wings at the top.  
8ARedpoint12/01/20181000 Flagstaff - Super Botslayer 1000
my style.  
7C+Redpoint25/02/2017950 Bishop / Happy Boulders - Acid Wash 950
7C+Redpoint25/02/2017950 Bishop / Happy Boulders - Redrum sit 950
7C+Redpoint02/07/2017950 Mt Evans / Area A - Public Execution 950
planked out  
7C+Redpoint17/07/2017950 RMNP / Lower chaos - The Marble Direct 950
falling off the top is exciting, but not as bad as it looks.  
7C+Redpoint09/12/2017950 Hueco Tanks / East Spur - Flower Power 950
Roof climbing is exhausting.  
7C+Redpoint12/12/2017950 Hueco Tanks / North Mountain - Loaded With Power 950
Sheer willpower kept my kneebar on for the last move.  
7C+Redpoint16/12/2017950 Hueco Tanks / East Mountain - Whispers Of Mortality 950
Hmm... it was just okay.  
7C+Flash13/01/20181003 Flagstaff - Botslayer 1003
7CRedpoint12/02/2017900 Bishop / Sad Boulders - Slunk 900
good times with BKJ, Lamberto and the Peach  
7CRedpoint04/07/2017900 Mt Evans / Area A - Bierstadt 900
I was actually surprised by how well this one climbed for some reason. None of the moves felt reach-y with the double-toe beta. Power-endurance!  
7CRedpoint19/08/2017900 Poudre Canyon - Shapes and sizes right Hard900
Crazy how holds are so much better with chalk on them.  
7CRedpoint04/10/2017900 Yosemite / camp 4 - The Force 900
Cause Tommy Herbert was watching.  
7B+Redpoint27/06/2017850 Mt Evans / Area A - Seurat 850
7B+Redpoint02/08/2017850 RMNP / Lower Chaos - Potato Chip sit 850
7B+Redpoint03/10/2017850 Yosemite / Camp 4 - King Cobra Soft850
Flexy foot match  
7B+Redpoint04/10/2017850 Yosemite / camp 4 - Bruce Lee 850
Tricky first move!! Glad I committed to the top.  
7B+Redpoint28/09/2017850 Eldorado Canyon / Water Rock - Resonated 850
Hunter impressed upon us the importance of doing it the OG way so, we had to listen to him. Totally worth it. Also, Philthy off-the-couch send!! Yeah boi!  
7B+Redpoint23/11/2017852 Bishop / Buttermilks - Croft Problem Second Go852
Not too shabby  
7B+Redpoint15/12/2017850 Hueco Tanks / North Mountain - Mcbain 850
who knew better beta would make it easy  
7A+Redpoint16/06/2017750 Guanella Pass / Beyond Matters - Love Matters 750
Post break, still v7. Fun topout!  
7A+Flash27/06/2017803 Mt Evans / Lincoln Lake - Chalk on Rock 803
7A+Redpoint02/07/2017750 Mt Evans / Area A - Rawhide 750
scurry topout  
7A+Redpoint04/07/2017750 Mt Evans / Area A - Chocolate Croissant 750
chocolate turd... does climb better than it looks tho  
7A+Redpoint16/07/2017750 Mt Evans / Area A - Tickfest 750
james on that classic tour.  
7A+Redpoint02/08/2017750 RMNP / Lower Chaos - Potato Chip 750
7A+Redpoint04/10/2017750 Yosemite / Ahwahnee - Rubik's Revenge 750
Lockkk off!  
7A+Flash08/01/2018803 Flagstaff - Cryptic Magician 803
Inspired by Meesh!  
7ARedpoint16/06/2017700 Guanella Pass / Mind Matters Boulder - Compression Matters 700
beta sequence makes it easy  
7ARedpoint16/06/2017700 Guanella Pass / Warm up area - Crap traverse 700
big move, toe scum, fun fun.  
7ARedpoint20/06/2017700 Mt Evans / Area A - Pink Fink Hard700
7ARedpoint02/07/2017700 Mt Evans / Area A - Serpentine arete 700
real scurry topout  
7ARedpoint02/07/2017700 Mt Evans / Area A - Downtrail Face 700
7ARedpoint15/07/2017700 Mt Evans / Area A - Ludder's Pinch 700
7ARedpoint19/08/2017700 Poudre Canyon / Gandalf - Squeeze Problem 700
7ARedpoint12/11/2017700 Independence pass / Grotto - Ineditable Hard700
Spicy line. The face holds weren’t quiiiiite as good as I wanted them to be.  
7ARedpoint21/11/2017700 Bishop / Buttermilks - Change of heart 700
Maya with the backstep beta  
7ARedpoint11/12/2017700 Hueco Tanks / North Mountain - See Spot Run 700
6C+Flash16/06/2017703 Guanella Pass / mind matters boulder - Stemming Matters 703
6CRedpoint05/08/2017602 RMNP / Emerald Lake - Kneebar Second Go, Soft602
V5 w/ a kneepad